The Warranty Division requires the homeowners to provide contact numbers for various purposes, i.e., emergency situations that may come up requiring the Warranty Division to contact homeowners quickly, changes in warranty appointment times, or others. Some homeowners do not wish to be contacted at their work office and therefore access to other numbers is necessary. If you purchased a home prior to August of 2002 it was not built by Tremont Homes, Inc. this request form will not be forwarded.


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Items identified by homeowners may not be warrantable.It is the responsibility of the homeowners to describe in detail the location of the matter and provide a description of the request for warranty. Please use the following fields:
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By clicking "Submit" and sending this form, I/We understand that any items identified in this list may not be warrantable. If items are considered non-warranty items, Tremont Homes, Inc. is not and shall not be held responsible or liable for any fees, charges, or expenses associated with non-warranty work performed by anyone. Also, I/We understand that any verbal communications to the warranty division are not recognized as a warranty service request.